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Dear Student

Welcome to the University of Nairobi!!

From this moment on, you will be an esteemed student of not only the largest University in this country but also the oldest and the best in many ways. You are therefore going to be part of an important heritage in this country. I must therefore take this opportunity to congratulate you on your having been able to achieve grades that were good enough to secure yourself a place here.

The University of Nairobi will offer you many opportunities and challenges that are all aimed at providing you with an environment within which to grow and realize your full potential. This means that the esteem that goes along with being a student of the University carries with it a responsibility.

From now on, you will not have teachers following you to see whether you did what you were meant to do or ringing bells to make sure you are in class or in bed. From now on there will be no prefects waiting to report on your behavior or misbehaviour. From now on there will be no parents checking to see whether you came home on time or slept out. All these and many more will be your responsibility and yours alone. You will have to learn to manage your own time, your own money and other resources, your own freedom and so on. You will also have to learn to enter into new associations and to manage them.

University life is a multidimensional experience. While you will be expected to excel academically, this should also be a period during which you should take full advantage of the available resources to grow morally, spiritually and in every other respect. In short, this is a time to grow in every way that makes you a whole human person. There will perhaps be difficult moments in your life here. There is only one little word I would like to tell you about that “There is no problem in this world that is so big that it cannot be overcome.” The sad part would be if you were to keep any disturbing issue to yourself. Officers such as the Dean of Students, Assistant Deans of Students, Counselling Psychologists, Medical Officers, Wardens and SMU Managers are here for that purpose. Most of your lecturers too will be willing to listen and guide you as to what to do, where to go and who to go to. Do not be shy to ask questions about any issue that affects you.

In your new associations, it is important to know that you must not trust just anyone. Take time to know people before you make any serious commitments. For the female students, there is a little antisocial behaviour called “Gold Rush”!! Find out what that is and make sure you are not the “Gold”. Read all the instructions in this information booklet and always keep it near you for reference. While you are here, learn to think critically and ask questions. Do not just follow the crowd. Remember if anything goes wrong you will be held responsible as an individual and not as part of a group. May Almighty God bless your stay here at the University and give you the strength to persevere through whatever difficulties that may come your way.






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